This week we asked Matt Burnett Director of Enhanced Resourcing the best questions to ask your recruiter.
Here are Matt’s top questions and best advice!

What Are The Best Questions to Ask Your Recruiter?

• What can you tell me about the hiring manager?
• Is this a newly created position or a backfill for someone who has left, if so do you know why this person left?
• How long has the position been open for?
• Where would I sit in the organisational structure?
• What are the 3 top skills the company is looking for?
• What is the time frame on the hiring process for this position?

Best Advice From A Recruiter

A good option to ask the recruiter about the salary without coming across direct would be to offer the recruiter some info around your current package and benefits.

If you make it to the interview stage, make sure you ask your recruiter to find out some of the key focal points of the interview to give you the best chance of nailing it!

What Are The Questions Your Recruiter May Ask You?

• Why did you leave your previous few positions?
• How has your search been going?
• Who have you interviewed with already?
• What are your top 3 motivations for your next position?
• Briefly walk me through your background that is relevant to this position?
• Tell me what you liked best and least about your current and previous positions? (Be careful with this question, try not to sound too negative about your current or previous position)
• What are your career goals?
• Are you serious about your next move?

Be prepared. Read carefully through the job specification, identifying your experiences that demonstrate the skills or knowledge gained. Again, practice articulating each one. Writing down your answers is a good way to do this — reading it aloud, recording yourself or having a mock interview is even better.

What Questions NOT To Ask Your Potential Employer or Recruiter at the Start of the Process?

• What do you do here? I agree, sounds like a silly question, but it seriously gets asked a lot.
• How many annual leave days do you get?
• What’s your flexible working policy?
• How much help will I get?
• How good is your training?
• Can I work my own hours?
• Is big brother always watching?
• How quickly can I get promoted?

Recruiters are on your side, they are your allies, they want to help you achieve your goals and career aspirations”

About Matt Burnett

Matt has spent the past 5 years of his career building, managing and leading engineering focused recruitment teams to perform to a high level. Matt has over 12 years’ recruitment experience, spending 4 years in the UK in trades and labour and the past 8 years in Australia recruiting for white-collar engineering within the construction, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas and renewables industries.

Matt is particularly passionate about building and growing the Enhanced Resourcing brand, to become an established and well-regarded recruitment consultancy within the engineering and construction sectors across Australia.


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