Further exciting plans unveiled by the public and private sector to support and grow our region for the future.


This week saw continued focus on Sydney’s future with some big announcements. The Greater Sydney Commission has just unveiled a new plan for Sydney to split the city into three separate cities including Western Sydney to leverage the new airport, Parramatta which is already practically a city and Sydney East and Harbour City.


The press release states: “Reshaping Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities – the Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City will rebalance it, fostering jobs, improving housing choice and affordability, easing congestion and enhancing our enviable natural environment across the entire region.”

You can read about the full plan and make submissions here – its an unprecedented opportunity to have your say


In other newsthe NSW Premier spoke to the Telegraph to promote her continued vision to build Sydney.  Tying in with the Commissions vision, her vision is for “more jobs, better jobs, higher-paying jobs and a better spread of them across all corners of the state” — a plan she sees as “key to improving people’s sense of economic security”.

She advised that NSW is on track to create one million new jobs by 2025 with a vision for better jobs in all four corners of the state.

Unfortunately the Premier decided to share her vision for our city with the Telegraph in an article which has now been locked down as “subscribers only” article.

If you have a subscription you can read here, otherwise, like us, you will just have to guess what she has planned!


The private sector also made an exciting announcement with Mulpha unveiling their $3b transformation of the Norwest Business Park and the Norwest Smart City Masterplan.

The development will roll out over ten years and include apartments, commercial and retail space and they are actively seeking partnerships with other developers and land-owners.

The Smart City Masterplan is vying to be Sydney’s Silicon Valley.  Mulpha Norwest general manager Tim Spencer said at the launch of the masterplan “Innovation, education and futuristic technology is at the heart and soul of plans for the Norwest Smart City masterplan”

Read more in the SMH


Its exciting times to live in this city but I wonder whether the extremely high cost of living and housing, coupled with significant changes to the skilled visa program announced earlier this year will serve to obstruct these ambitious plans for growth?

Do we have the resources to build these projects and can we attract the talent pool from overseas we will need to complement local talent and compete in the innovation and tech space at a global level??