and NOT Get That Job.

We know you want to stay in that boring job. Who really wants to develop new skills, meet new people and expand their career anyway? We have collated our best tips for being the worst candidate in the world to make sure you don’t get that dream job!

Big Employment Gaps

Make sure you have big unexplained gaps in your CV and lots of them. If you happened to have gone overseas, taken parental leave, or have a valid reason to take a break, just let your prospective employer guess what you have been doing. You don’t need to explain what you have been up to. It’s really none of their business what you have been doing in your life.

Forget the Attention to Detail

Do you have an eye for detail? Let’s hope not! Details don’t matter anyways, it’s just a waste of time. So don’t double check your resume and cover letter… if it feels right just hit that send button. Some wrong spellings or names here and there won’t make a difference… hopefully, they’ll be able to figure out what you mean. What does it really matter? And if they are concerned, do you really want to work for them anyway

Generic Cover Letter

If you’re thinking about making the employer feel special by tailoring your CV to that particular organisation? Don’t! Try to be as general as possible when you write your resume, so you can hand them out to as many places as possible and save some of that sweet time of yours. They are receiving 100s of applications anyway so they probably won’t read it and it’s better to blend into the crowd and not stand out!

Interview Red Flags

If you can’t afford to go to a psychologist, the next best thing is to go to a job interview. If your previous boss has been a pain, let your new employer know so they can learn from your previous employer’s mistakes – we wouldn’t want history to repeat itself now, would we? It´s the perfect two birds one stone scenario´- you get to vent and they get a valuable life lesson.

Don´t stress too much about trying to tell them why you’re the ideal person for the job etc… time will tell!

Unprofessional Behaviour and Arrogance

Me, myself and I. That’s the attitude you should have at an interview. The interview is about you, only you. Take that opportunity because it’s not often you are put in a situation where you get to be arrogant without anyone holding it against you. Talk as much as possible about yourself… this is not the time to ask questions.

Don’t Sweat the Details

If they ask you to bring some so-called ´required´ documents such as referee details, do yourself a favour by only bringing them if you really want to. They have no valid reasons to call your former employer to ask questions about you. Who do they think they are? Your parents?

By sticking up for yourself like this you’ll show them that you have integrity – which they will respect highly!

Go Crazy on Social Media

After an interview, it’s common that the employer does some stalker work to see who you are outside of work. If they have some concerns (which is very unlikely if you follow all the great tips in this article) this is your last chance to show them that you’re amazing. So how should you present yourself on social media?

First of all, it’s important to have an Instagram account that is open to the public.

Second of all, make sure to put up plenty of pictures of you partying! That is the key here because that will show your new employer that you’re not all about work – you’re fun too!

Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t need to match your resume either… don’t delete your old dodgy Facebook photos, they really help in giving a lasting impression.

Following these classic tips, we are sure you won’t stand a chance at getting that dream job! So now that you are armed with the best advice to being the worst candidate in the world…