With the peaks and flows that are inherent in the project-based construction and development sector, more businesses are turning to contract staff to support peak times.

The UK construction market has long embraced a temporary and flexible workforce to reduce the risk of over-staffing; employing a core foundation of permanent employees, supported by temporary workers.

The focus in Australia has traditionally been to recruit people on a permanent basis, but after the last slow-down post-GFC, many businesses were stung and faced with the challenging task of making people redundant.

The increased workload in Australia will not continue forever and despite the optimism in the market, there will come a point when some businesses are simply over-staffed.

Engaging temporary/contract staff through Enhanced Resourcing is an ideal solution to source skilled professionals and take the headache out of recruitment and associated HR activities.

There are a number ways temporary staff can support business success and reduce risk such as:

  • Hiring people to support increased workload with the flexibility to downsize easily without making redundancies.
  • Bringing in specialist skills/subject matter experts to boost team capabilities for specific business challenges.
  • Enabling the permanent workforce to focus on core activities and utilising contractors to undertake activities such as defect management, major procurement or bid management.
  • Hiring on a temporary contract before committing to a permanent headcount to ensure workload will continue at the level to support a long-term hire / or to assess the workers performance before making a commitment


Enhanced Resourcing’s new temporary workers division has been launched with the following features:

  • Terms of Business that have been approved by Government clients.
  • Detailed due-diligence processes to manage compliance requirements, worker skills and suitability.
  • All HR matters are managed by us, leaving you to focus on supervising the worker on the job.
  • All payroll and administration matters are managed by us.


Examples roles we can help with include:

  • Project Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Assistant Project Managers / Project Coordinators
  • Contracts Administrators and commercial staff
  • Project Engineers
  • Site Managers
  • Project Administrators
  • Planners and Project Controls staff


For further information, please contact Enhanced Resourcing on 02 9460 6537 or email your query below: